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For complete peace of mind and value, Haval recommends that you always service, maintain and repair your vehicle at a Haval Dealership throughout the lifespan of the vehicle at the prescribed interval according to the specific service schedules.

This is to ensure that the vehicle is inspected and components are replaced or maintained (e.g. all filters, oil, spark plugs, coolant) at the correct time and mileage as per schedule to ensure the vehicle will continue to serve the owner economically with reliability and component durability.

Furthermore, lack off or late servicing causes premature wear and tear of components and long-term damage. In addition, a vehicle could be subject to safety recalls, service product updates or other such as software updates and if the vehicle is not presented on time for service, it could fail or start to have drivability concerns. Indirectly too, any vehicle which is not serviced or maintained on time will not perform at its optimum and will become uneconomical.

Unfortunately, failing to have the vehicle serviced, maintained and corrosion inspected, within 1500 km or 1 month of the stipulated service interval, may invalidate applicable warranties or an owner may only have proportional warranty cover for failures.

It is important to note that if any warranty related repairs or claims are to be validated and approved by Haval, then proof and record of all services, specified parts, oil grades, fitments, checks and work carried out in accordance with the specific Service Schedule for your vehicle will always be required.

Take care of your precious Haval by always ensuring it is serviced and maintained on time with Genuine Haval Parts. All our Haval Dealers have trained and experienced technicians who know your Haval best and always follow the correct procedures and service schedules using specialised tools and diagnostic equipment from Haval.

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